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- IN Auctioneer's License #AU01026257

- Alabama Auctioneer's License #1653

- Alabama Broker's License #00006810-0

- Kentucky Auctioneer's License #RP 3545

- Florida Auctioneer's License #AU4334

- Certified Auctioneer

- Certified Real Estate Appraiser

- Certified Personal Property Appraiser

- Indiana Licensed Real Estate Broker

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Johnny Swalls

Johnny Swalls

Broker, Auctioneer and Appraiser

Cell: 812-249-5090


Steven Phillips

Steven Phillips

Associate Real Estate Broker

Cell: 812-249-1980



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111 Main Street
PO BOX 300
Farmersburg, IN 47850
Johnny's Cell Phone: 812.249.5090
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