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Jesse A. Leonard Estate

Personal Property Auction

Auction Date: Saturday, March 4, 2017, @ 10:00 AM


To settle the estate of Jesse A. Leonard; Personal Representative, Teresa Goetschius will offer for sale, at Auction, the following personal property:                                                                                                 Vehicles:  1965 Blue Chevrolet Malibu S.S. convertible with super sport wheel covers (Shows 31,803 miles on odometer), automatic transmission; 1997 Park Avenue fifth wheel camper with slide out room, fifth wheel hitch (included) and tandem axle; 1995 Burgundy Dodge Ram 1500 (for parts); 2001 White Diesel (with dual turbo) Dodge Ram 2500 Quad Cab Pickup with automatic transmission and four-wheel drive (Showing 274,804 miles); V-8-cylinder Ford Mustang engine with chrome valve covers; Old go-cart; Camper Tri-pod

Tools: Old Electric metal lathe with accessories; 1987 model Lincoln Arc welder and generator on a trailer frame with four rubber tires; Bend Pak hydraulic pipe bender; Hydraulic engine hoist; Thermal Arc Pak welder 5XR with leads;Remline tool box with attachments on both sides; Small vise on pedestal; Pneumatic air tank; 2 ton floor jack; Jack stands; Cen-Tech small heavy duty battery charger; Combination wrenches; Welding chipping hammers; Large pipe wrench; 4 drawer tool box on wheels; Open end wrenches; Rigid pipe cutter; Steel clamp wrenches; C-clamps; Large 12 point sockets; Small 6 point sockets; 1/2 inch drive breaker bar; 3/4 inch ratchet and 3/4 inch breaker bar; Shallow and deep well sockets; Adapters for sockets; 1/2 inch and 3/8 inch extensions; 1/2 inch ratchets; 3/8 inch ratchets; Tape measures; Electric grinder; Wire buffer; Misc. screwdrivers; Regular and long nose pliers; Vise grips; Tin snips; Craftsman robo grip pliers; Snap ring pliers; Needle nose pliers; Hog ring pliers; Misc. auto body tools; Oil filters; Dead blow hammer; Ball peen   hammers; Small sledge hammers; Frontier portable tool box; Allen wrenches; Electric multi-meters; Crescent wrenches; Carpenter saws; “L” shaped work bench with vise; Small electric grinding tools; 8 inch electric drill press; Chicago electric soldering gun; Inner tie rod removal set; Ball joint tools; Crow bars.

Miscellaneous:  Honda overhead cam gas engine with pull start (rusted); 2 new Gladiator car tires (ST20575R15);6 foot truck bed; Scrap iron; Old fuel tank; Reddy kerosene heater; Pipe stand; 2 Hoveround electric wheel chairs; Parts washer; Safety harness; Electric squirrel cage motor; Chain fall hoist; Diesel tank with hose; Large wood old army box; Black and yellow mongoose bike; 2 wheel dolly with ball hitch.

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