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Guns/Ammo/Dolls/Longaberger Baskets Auction, Weaver, Brazil, IN

Jerry & Frances Weaver will offer for sale at auction the following personal property located at Clay County 4-H Fairgrounds, Brazil, Indiana, Clay County.

Saturday, May 25, 2013 10:00 A.M. SHARP! NO GUNS OR AMMO WILL BE SOLD BEFORE 10:30 A.M. T. BOSE KNIFE WILL SELL AT 11:30 (SHARP)  

DIRECTIONS: From the intersection of SR 59 and I70; Travel north 2.4 miles on SR 59. Watch for Johnny’s Signs!  

RIFLES: Colt AR-15, 3x9 scope, semi-automatic, sling, camo color; Colt AR-15 Match Target w/Collapsible stock, night vision scope w/illuminated cross hairs, black color; Russian SKS 7.62x39 Semi-automatic rifle, Woodstock with mount; Russian SKS 7.62x39 w/Bayonet; Chinese SKS 7.62x39 Semi-automatic rifle, Scope mount w/35 round clip; Russian SKS 7.62x39 semi-automatic rifle w/30 round clip (Never Shot); Russian SKS 7.62x39 w/30 round clip and bayonet; Norinco Mac-90 Sporter semi-automatic, 7.62x39, black steel, bayonet, has 3 ea. 10 round clips and 1 ea. 30 round clip; Norinco Mac-90 Sporter semi-automatic w/30 round clip, new in the box; 2 ea. 30 Caliber M1 Carbine Universal Rifle, semi-automatic, wood stock, sling & clip; Springfield US M1 Garand  30-06, reconditioned from the factory w/sling; Ruger M77 25-06 bolt action w/floating bull barrel & w/Leupold scope bolt action, trigger has been worked on; Browning Stainless steel bolt action 7mm Remington Magnum, 45x3.25x10 Bushnell scope, 5 ea. 15 round clips, 2 ea. 10 round clips, Never Shot; British Enfield 303, bolt action, Nitroproof, stock has been cut & nicely modified; Savage 22-410 Over & Under w/3 inch chamber; Glenfield 35 Caliber, lever action, blue steel w/scope; 8mm Bolt Action Rifle, Bayonet sold separately, but goes with the gun—matching numbers, mauser action w/sling; 308 Bolt Action rifle, wood stock; Spanish 20 Gauge double barrel by Universal Firearms (legal sawed off); New England Arms Pardner single shot 20 gauge, 3 in. full choke; Savage Side by Side 20 gauge, Fox engraved, 3 in. shells; 303 Bolt Action w/fixed bayonet, still has cosmoline; Winchester Model 70 227 bolt action w/bull barrel, w/4x9 scope, stainless steel action; Ruger 270 Winchester bolt action, stainless steel action, 4x12 Bushnell scope; 12 gauge Mossburg Model 195, bolt action, poly choke with clip; Rossi Stainless Steel, 22 S, L, LR pump rifles; Rossi 22 S, L, LR pump rifle; 22 Marlin Model 99, semi-automatic, gold trigger, 3 inch chamber; Remington Model 1100 Semi-automatic 12 gauge, slug barrel & sling; Czech 22 Caliber with 10x44 scope; Marlin 30-30 Caliber, lever action, blue steel, scope pull for hammer, side load; Marlin 30-30 Caliber, lever action, side load, w/sling; Springfield Savage Semi-Automatic, 22LR; 22 Remington Semi-automatic Viper Model 522 w/Scope; Marlin lever action 30-30, blue steel, side load, 2.5x8 scope, like new.


MUZZLELOADERS: 1866 Calvary Saddle Gun - 58 Caliber Cap & Ball Muzzleloader w/Powder dispenser & caps; 2 Hawkins 50 Caliber Muzzleloaders w/octagon barrels.


PISTOLS: 45 Caliber, Republic Arms ACP Patriot Semi-automatic, pistol; 9mm Smith & Wesson pistol Model 915, semi-automatic, black steel w/3 ea. 15 round clips and suede carrying case; 44 Magnum Smith & Wesson, blue steel revolver w/Tasco scope and shoulder holster; 38 Special Rossi Revolver M851, stainless steel, wood grip; Stainless Steel Smith & Wesson 357 mag. Revolver, reworked trigger, rosewood grip & shoulder holster; Daviess Industry P.380 Semi automatic, never shot; Excam 25 ACP, stainless steel w/clip; Chrome 25 Caliber semi automatic Raven pistol, made in USA; 32 Caliber Smith & Wesson revolver, Model 832, blue steel, wood grip, made in the USA; 22 Caliber Jennings, semi-automatic w/clips; 45 Springfield Semi-automatic pistol, Model 1911A1, stainless steel, w/2 clips (in the box)


AMMUNITION: 960 Rounds of  7.62x39 Russian Hollow points; 1,000 Rounds of 7.62 x 39 Russian Hollow points; 300 Rounds of FMJ, made in Russia; .223 magazine; 20 ea. 30 round, 5 ea. 15 round, 2 ea. 10 round - in green ammo cans; 6 ea. 30 round clips for AR15; 12 Gauge 5 boxes of 00 Buck shot in green ammo cans; 2 Boxes of 32 Auto Federal/Classic with 50 rounds ea.; 14 Boxes of 9mm Norinco w/50 rounds ea.; Approx. 100 boxes of 45 auto in a white clear bag; 1 Box of 44 mag w/50 rounds; 2 Boxes of 44 mag Federal/Classic w/20 rounds ea.; 17 rounds of 44 mag CCI; 40 rounds of 44 mag in a black container; 2 Boxes of 270 Winchester Remington w/20 rounds ea.; 39 rounds of 270 Winchester Remington in a white box; 3 Boxes of 35 Remington Federal/Classic w/20 rounds ea.; 2 Boxes of 25-06 Remington w/20 rounds ea.; 1 Box of 220 Swift w/20 rounds; 10 Boxes of 308 Remington w/20 rounds ea.; 16 Boxes of 7mm Remington Magnum w/20 rounds each; 500 Rounds of 308 FLR; 5 Boxes of 25/06 Reloaded w/5 rounds ea.; 60 Boxes of 30-06 w/15 rounds ea.; 1,000 Rounds of Russian .223 FMJ; 1,000 Rounds of Russian .223 Wolf Non-Corrosive Ammo; 1,000 Rounds of 7.62x39 Russian Hollow points; 2 Boxes of 30 Caliber Winchester w/50 rounds; 3 Boxes of LC Brown box w/50 rounds, 7 ea. of 15 round clips & a 30 round clip; 1,440 Rounds of 7.62x39 Russian Hollow points, new; 1,400 Rounds of 7.62x39 FMJ, made in China; 960 Rounds of 7.62x39 Russian Wolf Hollow points.


KNIFE: TBose straight handmade hunting knife w/stag handle and homemade sheath.


DOLLS: Vanna White doll w/baby; 3 Duck House dolls; Boyd’s Doll (Yesterdays Child); Little Companion; Paradise Galleries; Precious Moments; Ashton Drake; Lee Middleton; Hamilton Collection; Ashley Belle; Natalgia Boy & Girl; Betty Boop; World Gallery; 1991 Brinns; Cabbage Patch (in box); Troll Dolls; 34 Barbie's; Roaring Twenties Doll; Child’s wicker love seat; Old doll stroller; Old baby doll; 5 Danbury Mint Shirley Temple Dolls; George Town Collection; Jacqueline Collection; Court of Dolls.

Approx. 90 dolls come w/certificates & boxes.


MISCELLANEOUS: 45+ Longaberger Baskets; 75 Round drum for SKS or AK47


TERMS OF PERSONAL PROPERTY:  Cash preferred or approved check & no Buyer’s Premium on the Personal Property. For your convenience we have Electronic Clerking and Cashiering.             


POSSESSION ON PERSONAL PROPERTY: Immediate possession on personal items day of Auction                                                                  




SALE LOCATION: Clay County 4-H Fairgrounds


EVERYTHING SOLD “AS IS, WHERE IS”                                


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Email: auctions@jswalls.com
FOR PRIVATE SHOWING CALL: 812-249-5090 or 1-877-696-5099

AGENCY: Johnny Swalls Auction, Inc. and it's Representatives are Excluve Agents of the Seller.

AUCTIONEER/BROKER: Col. Johnny Swalls, CAI, GPPA, CAGA, CREA, AU1026257, RB14033902, AC30700074.

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